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You can find items in a range of price points because this app isn't about strictly finding the exact items celebrities were wearing. Instead, it's about letting their style influence your closet in a way you can handle. Basically, what I'm saying is you don't have to have a massive budget to dress like an A-lister. Score! Not only are there a range of prices, but there are also a range of sizing options. You can peruse plus sizes from brands such as ASOS Curve and more within the app. "Inclusivity is really a part of our DNA — we've always been about making style work for everyone, no matter your size, shape, or budget — so it was important that the app reflect this point of view. It's just realistic, too," Hillary Kerr, chief ideation officer and co-founder of Clique Media Group tells Bustle via email. All in all, it was about creating an environment where fashion lovers could enjoy chic clothing options, regardless of budget or personal style.

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